Delete a topic

This feature is only available to organization owners and administrators.

We generally recommend against deleting topics, but there are a few situations in which it can be useful:

  • Clearing out test messages after setting up an organization.

  • Clearing out messages from an overly enthusiastic bot.

  • Managing abuse.

In most other cases, renaming a topic is often a better idea, or just leaving the topic as is. Deleting a topic can confuse users who come to the topic later via an email notification.

Note that deleting a topic also deletes every message with that topic, whereas deleting a stream does not.

Delete a topic

  1. Hover over the topic in the left sidebar.

  2. Click the ellipsis ().

  3. Click Delete all messages in <topic>.

  4. Click Delete messages.

Note that deleting the last message with a particular topic also deletes that topic.